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Florist Business Success with SEO

3 Oct , 2014  

SEO Ranking Methods

Being successful in business doesn’t come easy, especially for small businesses. As a floral shop owner, SEO practices didn’t seem necessary. However, due to the help of SEOinTexas.com, the business grew exponentially. Located in the Austin area, this small florist shop wasn’t seeing very many customers on a regular basis. However, thanks to the expert help provided, the business has seen an increase in customers and total sales.

Starting out as a floral business, the shop did not have a website and relied primarily on word-of-mouth to generate a consistent customer base. While there were some great referrals from satisfied customers, the shop wasn’t doing very well. In fact, it was unsure of whether this store was going to be able to make it. The overall profit was not large, making it difficult to expand the business or advertise specials and promotions. However, as a last straw, the store used SEOinTexas.com and their SEO services to achieve real business success.

What SEO did for this flower shop was amazing. The importance of SEO for a florist is especially important because this shop brings together both the retail and service industry. SEO practices for florists offers benefits on both of these fronts. First of all, a florists is a service provider. When someone walks into the shop and asks for a wedding bouquet or centerpieces, this is a huge part of the business and makes up most of the daily activities. This is why it’s important to constantly bring in business. By optimizing the site, more people from the local area were able to find the site. And, when they saw the services offered, potential customers could either order online or come into the shop. Because the SEO practices used, the shop began to see a consistent stream of customers in the shop and visiting the website.

This shop has a retail aspect. A significant portion of the daily sales comes from flowers and bouquets that are made on a daily basis, helping to bolster the shop’s income. With only a physical shop available to sell these flowers though, there was a limit to how many people would buy directly. With the help of SEOinTexas.com, the flower shop soon had a website and a tailored SEO campaign that brought in people who wanted to buy flowers to the website. They now had the option of browsing flowers and bouquets online, helping to increase walk-in sales significantly. Effectively.

The true value of SEO for a florist shop is that is has transcended traditional boundaries. Although the shop started as a struggling local florist, it has now become a well-established staple in the Austin area. The results achieved have only been possible through the experts and their SEO campaign launched for the advantage of the store. Any type of business can see the same results, which is why this testimonial can be applied to many different areas. Even well-established stores and companies can see a boost from having these SEO tactics applied to their business plan.


Local Business Reports

Okima Plumbing and Heating Case Study

3 Oct , 2014  


Okima Plumbing and Heating operates in a very competitive industry. Okima identified that many of their prospective customers are shifting to the internet to research better plumbing and heating products and services.

They approached our company to help redesign their website and optimize its online visibility. They wanted to rank well for all industry specific keywords
in areas of Texas with the aim of attracting more organic visitors to their site. This could considerably reduce their monthly expenditure on Google Adwords. Besides improved traffic, they also wanted to increase their online conversions.

About Okima Plumbing and Heating
Okima Plumbing and Heating is a Texasbased firm with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of plumbing and heating. They provide a 24 hour service
specializing in installation, emergencies, servicing as well as everything in between.

Project Specifications
● Create an informative and user friendly website showcasing Okima’s services
● Transfer all the required information across from the current Okima website
● Integrate with appropriate Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, etc.
● Implement effective SEO techniques to make the website ‘search engine friendly’
● Incorporate a blog that would allow regular stream of appropriate industry insight and information
● Add a gallery section highlighting previous work

Website Redesign
We were of the view that the website should grab a reader’s attention upon reaching the site while ensuring it was user-friendly. We therefore redesigned their website to maximize its space and display information in a plain and readable way. We utilized drop down menus and large visual tabs on the homepage so as to emphasize the important information on the website.

We also understood that a website must also be designed to feel and look relevant to its subject area. Therefore, for Okima Plumbing and Heating, we maintained a high degree of continuity by retaining the existing business color scheme and used trade related imagery. These ensured users are engaged with the respective interest and instantly assured that they are in the right place.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
After clearing identifying the areas Okima Plumbing and Heating wanted to target, we used a combination of off-page and on-page SEO techniques to increase the search engine visibility of their website.

SEO Strategies used:
● Conducted keyword phrase research utilizing proven SEO tools to establish the best keyword phrases
● Analysis of competitors’ SEO strategies and developing countermeasures for effective targeting of particular keyword phrases
● SEO copywriting of the current on-page content to facilitate effective targeting by the search engine spiders
● Applying fully optimized meta-tag standards to every relevant page

The Result
Over the first 4 months of the campaign:

● Site visits increased by 40.0%
● Unique site visits Increased by 25%
● Page Views on the site increased by 10%

These figures were calculated by comparing month to month statistics from preceding years against the results of the present year: January- April 2013 against January- April 2014

We also achieved higher Google rankings for all the targeted keywords and increased twitter followers by over 10000.

Okima Plumbing and Heating is still a happy and satisfied client till today. We have established a long working relationship with them. They are happy they entrusted their SEO campaign to a company that understood them well.

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Getting Indexed Quickly to Expand Your Reach

3 Oct , 2014  

Search engine marketing

A new website on the Internet is like a new born baby. It’s new to the world, and nobody knows about it. Thus, it’s important to remedy this situation. You need to take some steps and focus on SEO to make sure your website is visible to more people.

Most companies in Texas have been using 4 ways for getting indexed quickly. The companies have focused on quality search engine optimization techniques to make sure their websites are easily visible on the world wide web. Here are the 4 ways used by most Texas companies.

Links from Authoritative or Established Websites
Most businesses in Texas have been teaming with other established businesses to get websites linked with each other. When you link your website to an established website with a high Page Rank, you’re able to get your website indexed quickly. Some good ways to get quality backlinks from established websites include:

● Submit a press release to a popular Texas newspaper website about the site
● Submit articles containing somebacklinks to your website to local Texas directories, and global directories,such as HubPages, Ezine Articles and more
● Add some link-bait articles toyour website for adding them to social bookmarking websites, such as Deliciousor Digg.

Submit the Website to Google
This is perhaps the best SEO tipfor getting indexed quickly. It’s better to create an account on GWT or GoogleWebmaster Tools. You should add the website via the dashboard. GWT can provideyou with insight on some other site search variables. You will get a better idea of how Google search bots work and interact with your website.

When you add the website to GWT,you should also submit a sitemap .xml file. In case you’re using WordPress, there are numerous plugins to automate this submission process. This will be more convenient for you. Most Texas businesses use this technique.

Get the Website Listed in a Directory
Getting your website listed in the directory is like making sure your number is in the Texas phonebook. When you want the website to get indexed quickly, you should get it listed to a reputed and established Texas directory. There are many different free and paid local directories where you can submit articles.

Blog Comments
Commenting on blogs is a very popular technique used by many spammers. However, it can be a very effective for getting indexed quickly. Google search bots follow the links you leave in the comments section, and index your website quickly.

The best way to utilize blog comments is to visit a local Texas blog and make a genuine comment. Even a comment like ‘Nice Post’ can work in your favor. Moreover, if the webmaster recognizes, he may return the favor by backlinking to his website.

These were some of the most important and popular SEO tips utilized by Texas business owners for getting indexed quickly. When you properly use these simple techniques, you’re able to get your website indexed quickly, and generate more traffic. With some other SEO tips, you will be able to generate high quality leads to earn more revenue. To learn more about SEO, visit: http://richmondvaseoexpert.com/